ULB MUN 2014

Hello, you!

Being made up of more than 10 different nationalities, coming from different educational and personal backgrounds, being in different fields of study,… Our new team is anything but homogeneous !

However, it works better than ever. Is it because we share the same ideals? Is it because we strive to achieve a common goal? Is it because we are willing to stick together as a team? Indeed, we complement eachother, and it is undoubtedly our motivation and friendship that binds us !

We are proud to present to you the new ULB MUN team.

Are you curious to meet us?


Vanessa Vovor – MA1 in International Relations, focus on Globalisation and Public Policies.

Vanessa Vovor

I am a 23 years old student in International Relations. Passionate about international development, I grasp every opportunity to gain experience in this field. I am also fond about fashion and modern art.

My experience as a delegate last year taught me a lot on an academic, professional and personal level. I am devoted to make this experience as amazing for the new delegates  as it was for me last year.



Jean-Sébastien Hercot.- MA2 International Relations, focus on Security, Peace and Confict.

Jean-Sébastien Hercot

I am one of the three Head Delegates of this year’s ULB MUN Delegation. I am currently in my second year of Master degree in International Relations – Security, Peace and Conflict. We truly are really excited to participate in the 2014 NMUN with both familiar and new faces.

Having seen the whole group work together, I can already and confidently say that this is going to be yet another great year for ULB MUN!



Melissa Alexandra Vida – MA1 Institut des Études Européennes, focus on Politics

Melissa Alexandra Vida

I believe in people and most importantly, I trust that their actions can have a great impact on our world.

My wish is to see the whole delegation thrive, experience profesional and personal development and go beyond our limits. It’s the reason why, after having participated in ULB MUN 13′, I wanted to reiterate this enriching training by leading the team with my two fellow co-Head Delegates.

And I’ll admit it, our delegation is filled with motivated, friendly and amazingly skilled delegates!


Noé Morin BA1 in Political Science

Noé Morin

I’m happy to be part of the adventure, go to New York, at the United Nations, debate, meet hundreds of students who share my passion for international relations …I am eager to experience everything that awaits us.

The first contact with the team was great, I’m sure we will do a good job. I am thankful to the team coordinators for choosing me and giving me this chance.


Elise PetitMA2 in Business Engineering and MA1 in Business Economics at Solvay

Elise Petit

I decided to join the ULB MUN to learn more about international, social and political aspects of economics in a very practical manner. Having met the team, I am already very excited to see how diversified it is and how much I believe we will all learn from our different backgrounds and experiences!



David Suárez – BA2 in Political Science

David Suárez 7

Being from Ecuador, I have always been interested in the development of emerging countries and particularly Latin-America as a whole. Through this initiative, I have gotten to know some amazing people in the group, which I hope to get to know even further in the near future as we delve into our common goal. I am equally glad that we come from an array of different backgrounds, which I believe is at the very essence of this type of endeavors. In this regard, I am confident that we will all muster our very best as a team, for the country whose interests we shall defend, all while learning from each other.



Danielle Curtis – Erasmus student from Ireland – BA in Political Science and International Relations

000393823 Student Photo

I’m an activist who believes in effective forms of philanthropy to promote sustainable development.  I am also passionate about humanitarian issues.  I am delighted to have been selected as a delegate for ULB MUN.  I look forward to furthering my knowledge of International Relations and gaining new experiences from the challenges ahead.


Georges OrtmannMA2 Business Engineering


Hi guys ! I live in Eupen, which is in the far east of Belgium and one of its most beautiful cities. My main motivation for ULBMUN is flying to NY as a member of this year’s amazing delegation and representing my university at this international and challenging UN-simulation while having a lot of fun with my co-delegates. The first impression I got was just better than expected: an incredibly motivated team composed of people from all kinds of different backgrounds – a fantastically mind-broadening experience!


Linda Lama – MA1 in Public Law


Hello everyone ! Obviously, I appreciate this opportunity to play a part in the ULB MUN 2014 because I am truly interested in gaining more knowledge about international relations.  After Monday’s first meeting I felt full of enthusiasm, our team has a great energy.  I spent an amazing time sharing, chatting and laughing with almost all of them and I just cannot wait to continue our adventure!


Johannes Van den BosscheMA1 at the Institute for European Studies, focus on History and Culture


Having a background in classical philology, I’m currently pursuing a Masters at the ULB Institute for European Studies. I’m involved in MUN to bring a global perspective into these European studies, to learn the noble art of negotiation and compromise, and to experience what can be achieved through (international) collaboration!


Virginie MassotMA1 at the Institute for European Studies, focus on Politics


Living in very different countries such as Vietnam, Canada, Germany, Spain or Romania induced my growing interest in international relations. This naturally led to a desire to learn more about the international institutions fostering these relations and in particular the United Nations. Hence I am excited to participate to this simulation of the UN, to learn a lot and meet people who share the same centres of interest!



Christian ZamunduBA3 in Law


Adolf Hitler is quoted to have said ‘When diplomacy ends, war begins’.  Europe has not known war of such magnitude since the end of world War 2, thanks to leaps made in international cooperation, negotiation, and a common desire for peace and reconstruction.

Hello everybody, I’m Christian Zamundu, 3rd year law student at ULB, and I have a passion for conflict resolution. I’m thrilled to be a part of the ULBMUN team, and I’m eagerly looking forward to this MUN experience!


Isabel GareisMA1 at the Institute for European Studies, focus on Economics


I am 24 years old and originally from Stuttgart, Germany. I came to Brussels only a few weeks ago since I started my Masters in European Studies, specialization Economics. After my A-Levels I have been several times to West-Africa where I worked in humanitarian projects and got the opportunity to get an idea of the work of international organizations in this area. I am looking forward to a very interesting semester with the whole team and a successful MUN conference at New York in April/ March 2014!



Anthony Sutterman MA1 in International Relations, focus on Peace, Security and Conflict




I believe the ULB MUN is a defining experience in a student’s life as it brings together passionate people, who share fundamental ideals and are dedicated to strive for a greater good. This is where this exciting journey begins…!



Caitlyn WilsonErasmus Student from Canada, MA1 at Solvay Business for Economics and Management



My motivation to join MUN was fueled by my interest in exploring cultural diversity and development. I’m excited to be a part of a team with of such motivated peers and can’t wait to see how the team develops throughout the year.



Andrea Angelucci MA2 in International Relations



What to say about myself? Well, I love football, beers and electro music, indeed I always try to combine my holidays with some music festivals around the world!

Participate to the NMUN New York for the second time representing ULB is such a great honor for me! It is a great experience and I can’t wait to start working with our new fantastic group!


.Romana Podhorna –  BA3 Political Science




Meeting people from different parts of the world, while acquiring new negotiation and research skills, is more than I could ask for. I am eager to work with our great team, and to learn more about how the UN operates. My first impressions? Wow!



.Martin Balbachewski – MA1 in International Relations


Interested in the analysis of diplomatic and decision-making processes of international and European policies, I am very motivated to be part of this project because I have  the chance to apply  my theoretical and political achievements to realize and understand the nature of the diplomatic profession. Integrating a heteroclite team, I’ve already noticed that the group atmosphere, dynamism and ambition of each are perfectly met. Let’s do it!



Claire Samii BA1 in Information and Communication


Having experienced working as a journalist in Canada, I am currently involved in the Journalism program of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

I feel concerned about Human rights issues, and especially women’s rights issues. Choosing art to express myself on solutions to world issues, I received an award from the UN World Food Program for my painting on how we could solve world hunger.  In my free time, I love travelling, drawing patterns and acting.


Thomas DupanSpecialized master in International Law



Having a huge interest in international politics and everything closely related to international security, I’m really happy to be a part of the 2014 ULB MUN experience! I’m ready to share my theoretical knowledge background with the group.



Sophie LeclercqMA1 at the Institute for European Studies, focus on Economics


Hi everybody ! I’m from Lyon in France and I’m very interested in matters such as international trade and energy. I see the ULB MUN as an unique opportunity to discover from the inside how an international organisation such as the UN works and what is the actual role of a diplomat. I am well aware that I need to be fully committed and focused on the long run to make the most out of this huge experience, and I will be. The best for me so far? Our great multicultural and highly motivated team, of course !



Christophe Scheer MA in Business economics

Christophe I am eager to learn the rules of procedure within the United Nations and of course to work on the group cohesion.
My first impression is that we are an amazing group with people from different backgrounds, who all have a broad knowledge to contribute to our project. After the first teambuilding session, the team members seem really comfortable and pleasant to work and have fun with. I am really looking forward to the following months.



Elisa De RaesAdvanced Master in European Law



I’m a student at the ULB with a passion for international politics and always in for new challenges, preferably in an international environment. It’s great to be part of a team with very passionate people from different backgrounds, but united because of their interests. Everybody seems really motivated, so I’m looking forward to sharing some lovely experiences with fellow MUN’ers!



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