ULB MUN 2010

The first participation of the ULB in a Model United Nations simulation was at the World Model United Nations organized by Harvard in The Hague in 2009. Initially, the project brought together students from the Faculty of Political Science and the Faculty of Law. This initiative was totally new at the university since no delegation of the ULB had participated in such an event before. Students from this original team did a tremendous job, be it in preparation or internal organization. They have been rewarded by success. The experience was enriching and pleasant thanks to the professionalism and realism of all participating delegations as well as the organizing team of Harvard, not to mention the encounters with hundreds of foreign students in a cosmopolitan and unique atmosphere.

In 2010, on the advice of Professor Jean Frédéric Morin, members of the ULB MUN decided to take the experience to the next level and to participate in the most renowned simulation : the National Model United Nations (NMUN), which takes place each year in New York City.

With its experience in The Hague, the delegation of the ULB has made considerable efforts in fundraising, technical preparation and research on the topics discussed. A PhD researcher at the IEE (Institute for European Studies), Alexis Carles, accompanied the delegation before and during the trip to New York as a Faculty Advisor, providing valuable advices to the delegates. « Hard work pays off ». Indeed, at the end of the simulation, the delegation of the ULB, representing Senegal, was awarded by 2 prizes: « Outstanding Position Paper » award for the preparatory work and « Honourable Delegation » award for its performance during the sessions. But beyond the honors, this experience was a success in both human and academic terms. 

The 2010 delegation in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarters :

For more pictures, go to https://www.facebook.com/UlbMun


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