ULB MUN visits the Embassy of Pakistan!

Earlier this month, the ULB MUN 2015 delegation made its entrance into the diplomatic world through the prestigious doors of the Embassy of Pakistan to Belgium and to the European Union!G71_6279-16G71_6221-3

The delegation’s visit to the Embassy was filled with excitement and expectation that was thoroughly filled! We have had the pleasure to be welcomed by Mr. Muhammad AYUB, counselor to the Embassy. Mr. Ayub insightfully briefed the delegation about Pakistan’s foreign policy and the position of the country within the United Nations. The foundations and core values of Pakistan are now well-known by the delegates, who were also inspired by Mr. Ayub’s talent of diplomatic eloquence.

G71_6225-5“There are many flaws, but let me tell you this: UN is Pakistan’s best hope!”

These are the words by which Mr. Ayub enlightened us about the trust Pakistan places in the United Nations.

Following Mr. Ayub’s briefing, the delegation took part of the Embassy’s yearly celebration of the Kashmir Solidarity Day. Echoing Mr. Ayub’s discourse on the centrality of the Right to Development, several prominent personalities, including Her Excellency Ms. Naghmana A. HASHMI herself, raised awareness on the suffering of the Kashmiris who are struggling for independence in the disputed region spawning over India and Pakistan.


The visit to the Embassy finished on a festive note, as the delegation was graciously invited to take part of a traditional Pakistani dinner! Little did our delegates know that the delicious and spicy dishes would bring most of them to tears! This year’s delegate might not be real Pakistanis just yet, but they are surely getting closer and closer to becoming perfect representative of Pakistan!

G71_6224-4 G71_6220-2 G71_6231-8 G71_6243-9  G71_6226-6 G71_6263-12

To learn more:

  1. Right to Development: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Development/Pages/DevelopmentIndex.aspx
  2. Kashmir: http://www.bbc.com/news/10537286, http://www.economist.com/news/asia/21567113-hordes-tourists-and-return-some-former-militants-reflect-cautious-optimism-disputed
  3. Pakistan Embassy: http://embassyofpakistan.be/site/
  4. Pakistan Embassy Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/embassyofpakistan.be?ref=stream

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