Meet the team!

Harrison Dent – Erasmus Student from the United Kingdom, BA in European Social and Political Studies.

ULB MUN pic - Harrison Dent

I am originally from the North of England and I have since moved to London where I studied at UCL, focusing on international relations.

After attending the Global Young Leaders Conference, my passion for diplomacy and international relations has grown rapidly and the ULB MUN will be the perfect platform from which to develop my own diplomacy skills. I am excited to work with this fantastic group of people and I look forward to the adventure we are about to embark on.

Anthony Kedia – MA2 Political European Studies (IEE)

Anthony Kedia

Although the main focus of my studies is European politics, I’ve always had an interest for international relations and for international development more particularly.

Participating in the ULB MUN represents a unique opportunity to discover how the UN concretely works and to put what I’ve learned during my studies into practice.

After a couple of meetings with the team, I can say I’m really excited to be working with all these passionate, motivated and dynamic co-delegates.

Let the adventure begin!

Kaat Detré – MA1 Political Science

Kaat DetréAs a former history student and current political sciences student, I have for as long as I remember been interested in what is going on in the world. Not only the current developments, but also the “interconnectedness” of countries all around the globe fascinates me.

The Model United Nations programme offers all the basic tools and knowledge to operate in a worldly institution like the United Nations. Being able to acquire these skills in a group of young people who share this very same interest, promises to be an extraordinary experience and one I am proud to be a part of.

Nicolas Raimondi – MA1 International Relations (Globalization and Public Policies)

Nicolas Raimondi

I have always been curious about international relations and being part of this outstanding adventure is very  exiting! I am eager to learn more about the UN and to be challenged.

The 2015 team is one of a kind and together we will accomplish the impossible. This year is going to be unforgettable!

Marion Weynand – MA2 Solvay Business School

Marion WeynanI am honoured and grateful to be part of this year’s ULB MUN Delegation. I strongly believe that in the future only universal policies will be able to tackle global issues. As a matter of fact, I see ULB MUN as an opportunity to learn more about how to address issues that transcend national boundaries under real-world conditions.

Besides the cultural diversity and the ample skill mix, I was impressed by the enthusiasm of every delegate from the very first second. I am eager to work and undergo the adventure with this highly motivated team.

Jafar Jafarli – MA2 Law

Jafar Jafarli

My name is Jafar and I am a second Master year law student. I am 23 and I come from Azerbaijan.

My deep interest in international relations is the main reason why I applied for the ULB MUN program. My hobbies are football, tennis and I also like watching movies. I also love traveling and discovering new horizons.

Diane Lula – MA2 Economic and Social Law

Diane Lula

Hi, my name is Diane. I’m currently a last year Master student in Economic and Social Law at ULB.

I’m also a member of the ULB MUN  Delegation 2015. I think the NMUN  is a great experience and anyone concerned about global issues should try it.  The NMUN is definitly an exciting  opportunity for students.

Julie Kebbi – MA1 International Relations

Julie KebbiAs a former Law student and a current student in Political Science and International Relations, the United Nations hold an important place in my studies.

I am very excited about being part such a motivated team for this year. This is a special opportunity which will involve a lot of work but we’ll hopefully get to make the most out of it.

Eliah Peeters – MA1 International Relations, focus on Security, peace and conflict

Eliah PeetersHi everyone! Even though I didn’t understand Albert Einstein’s physics calculations, I did get that “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.”

I am extremely happy to be part of the ULB MUN team ! The MUN experience brings different people and ideas together which will broaden our perspectives. Ever since my exchange year in Finland, I’ve been interested in international politics and strong believer of international cooperation. I am looking forward to start this amazing journey with our team.

I am sure, it will be an unforgettable adventure!

Chems Mabrouck – BA2 Political Science


Hello ! I’m Chems , I study political science at the ULB. Passionate about international relations,  I’m very excited to be part of the ULB MUN. I believe that the MUN is a really good opportunity to learn, to gain in experience and to acquire new skills!

Eléonore Flechel – MA1 International Relations and International Law

unnamed (1)

My name is Eléonore, and I’m currently studying political science and international law at the ULB faculty. Model United Nations is for me a unique experience to develop your ability to talk in public and to improve your aptitude of argue. It’s a professionalizing experience and a friendly adventure with the group!

Alice Menichelli – MA2 International Relations ( Security, peace and conflict studies)

unnamed (2)Hey everyone! I am a 25 year-old student from Italy, very passionate about International Relations, travelling and meeting new people! I am constantly looking for new challenges and experiences, and trying to make the best out of them.

This year I was literally carried away by the enthusiasm of the Head Delegates during their presentation of the project, and I decided I wanted to be a part of it – not really knowing what I was going into, I admit! And now that I met the rest of the team and started working with them, I couldn’t be happier with my decision!

Thomas Hulet – BA1 Law

10436206_10202223683178334_3836892365962242948_nMy name is Thomas Hulet, I’m 19 and this is my first year as a college student. I study law and as much as I am passionate for what I am studying, I am probably even more for International Relationship, a domain of where the UN is a must.
I’ve been willing to learn about the diplomatic world as much as meeting new people from all over the world.
This is why the MUN program appeared to me to be a fantastic opportunity.

To introduce myself a little more, I am a fairly good tennis player but I like most sports, so you’ll definitely see me during the « Interfacs » at the ULB.
I’ve spend a year in the US with the Rotary Youth Exchange Programm and it was a wonderful experience. I still have the ambition to maybe study over there later on.

Pablo Alvarez Bordils – Erasmus Student from Spain, law and business

10174860_10152502871338026_2548189636214026934_nI am Pablo, an Erasmus Exchange student from Spain. I study a « joint-honor » program (double degree) in Law and in Business Administration. I come from a small city called Castellon, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, where I grew up surrounded by the sea and wonderful beaches.

When I started university I moved to Madrid to study in the Ponticial University of Comillas (ICADE). I guess we could say that I fell in love with international relations as soon as I started traveling to other countries in order to learn more languages, or to do summer courses in different universities, and there I realized that the most interesting things were not what teachers could teach me, but what other foreigners could teach me and tell me about their own countries: the most important thing is, simply, people.

Enerel Ganbold – BA3 in Information and Communication

unnamedThe NMUN is a worldwide renowned experience that I’m honored to be participating in this year as a delegate. Having always had an interest in the United Nations, I feel that this opportunity is a perfect way for young people to emerge in the world of international diplomacy and global communication.

Originally from Mongolia, I grew up in Geneva half of my life and moved to Brussels a couple of years ago for my studies. I’m lucky enough to have the opportunities to always travel, meet new people and discover different cultures, hence I’d like to think of myself as a modern nomad.

Louise Davaux – BA3 in Business Engineering

1422533_10203709863730266_771899919_nLiving in Belgium, the country of compromise and epicenter of the EU, has helped foster my interest for negotiations and the inner workings of the United Nations.

So this year I am thrilled to be a part of ULB’s team and loved meeting all the delegates! We all come from different backgrounds but share the same passion for international relations. And as Ban Ki Moon said upon seeing the diverse team at a summit: « Broad partnerships are the key to solving broad challenges ».

I known that the ULB MUN will be a unique experience and can’t wait to represent Pakistan at the model UN!

Simon Laurent – MA2 Solvay Business School


Student at the Solvay Business School, I am in the last year of my master degree. Interested in international and diplomatic matters, I am thrilled to discover the system from the inside. Being part of the ULB MUN is my greatest pleasure: I’m part of the team and the team is part of me.

Raphael Gilson –  Solvay Business School

unnamed (1)Hello, my name is Raphaël Gilson!
I’m one of the lucky few taking part to the National Model United Nations. An experience, as the one offered by the model MUN comes to students once in a lifetime. Having heard about the ongoing selection process, my next goal was set: integrating the ULB MUN Team.

Young and motivated management student, I have been thought to allocate resources efficiently. This experiment aims to bring me to truly understand what the international relations and negotiations mean. The interest of taking part in this sort of event dwells in its intrinsic human dimension: debating and arguing about worldwide topics with other students from various backgrounds is a unique life experience and I can’t wait to tackle the challenges we will face !

Alexandre Wallemacq –  Solvay Business School and Political Sciences

unnamed (2)My name is Alexandre! I’m a student in both business engineering and political sciences at the ULB. I’m VERY excited to be part of this amazing student group and to participate in the NMUN 2015 !

I believe that this kind of student project is one of the best way to learn a lot about yourself and to build lifetime friendships. I’ll give everything I’ve got to be an outstanding delegate from the ULB in New York!

Cyril Herben –  Solvay Business Engineering

CyrilHello, my name is Cyril, i’m in 1st Masters at Solvay, I always have been interested in politics and international relations.

Being a Solvay student, I have always worked with the same kind of students and it is be great to spend time with students from other backgrounds.Building up a team from scratch, starting a debate on a topic in order to create something really concrete and finally defending it in front of an audience is extremely exciting and motivating.

My first impression: the team is awesome. Together, we will go far!

Elise Petit –  Head Delegate

I am a 23 year old student, recently graduated from a Business Engineering master 10167934_777089768981441_6893077855069226268_ndegree and currently finishing a master in Business Economics at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

My experience as a delegate last year has truly opened my eyes on the United Nations, its functioning  and the amazing opportunity that is participating to a NMUN in New York. But most importantly it has shown me how students from very different backgrounds can learn to work together and get to know each other thanks to shared interests and common values.

This is why I am already so excited to reiterate the experience with the ULB MUN 2015 new family, and I truly hope I will be able to help them get the most of this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity !

Christian Zamundu –  Head Delegate

1505352_777089978981420_3750755592018065562_nThe renown French author André Gide once said:
“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves”.

I am definitely one of these people, and ULB MUN has been the ultimate adventure! As head delegate in this project, I am looking forward to what will be an unforgettable experience.

The positive attitude in the group is almost tangible and the motivation among our delegates is contagious!

All ingredients that make for a promising MUN team. One thing is for sure, we won’t go unnoticed. Watch out for us!

Anthony Sutterman –  Head Delegate

As I am completing an internship at a UN agency here in Brussels and finishing my 10154365_769567943066957_352920801_nsecond Master’s degree in International Relations, it is likely ULB MUN is going to be my last project as a student… but what a project!

I discovered ULB MUN in September 2013, and looking back on it now, I can honestly say that it changed my life completely. I was given the chance last year to participate as a delegate, and I was introduced to a whole new world. The experience has made me grow, both as a future professional in international relations and as human being.

Stepping in the shoes of a diplomat to the UN taught me a great deal and sharpened my skills in many ways. As a former student in translation, the challenge seemed tantamount to climbing Mount Everest bare handed. Thanks to last year’s Head Delegates, and the ones before them, I was provided with the adequate tools to face up the mountain and not feel fret. They passed on to me and my fellow delegates their knowledge with passion… And it is with immense pride that I am taking up the challenge for another round along with Elise and Christian!


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