But at this moment, we must meet the challenge to our ideals(…). And it is you, the young people of Europe who will help decide which way the currents of our history will flow. (Barack Obama in Brussels)

As an appetizer to the New York adventure, we had the honor and privilege to be formally invited by the US Embassy in Brussels to attend Obama’s speech in the capital of Europe on March 26, 2014.

It is needless to say that one of the most inspiring keynotes that an aspiring diplomatic delegation may receive is to personally attend a speech delivered by one of the most influential and talented diplomats of our present time.


After having excitedly waited for his arrival, the President of the United States of America walked up on stage and delivered a speech that we will never forget. He inspired us by reaffirming the human values we believe in.obama-6

And yes, we believe in human dignity, that every person is created equal — no matter who you are or what you look like or who you love or where you come from. That is what we believe. That’s what makes us strong. And our enduring strength is also reflected in our respect for an international system that protects the rights of both nations and people — a United Nations and a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international law and the means to enforce those laws.” Barack Obama on March 26 in Brussels.


We are proud to say that, a few days later, we flew to New York and we have upheld these rules and ideals during the NMUN Conference.





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