From the bottom of our hearts… Thank you.

In exactly one week, we will be delegates representing Norway in the NMUN New York Conference and go to the United Nations Headquarters as aspiring diplomats.


However, this exciting venture could have not materialized without our sponsors and Kisskissbankbankers.

To them, we say thank you.

Our gratitude goes to our friends, cowokers, families and sympathisers from all around the world that have granted us with generous donations through our crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns.

Thank you,

M. Giacomo Viscido,
Mlle Nora Yahiaoui,
Mlle Donatienne Ruy,
Mme Kloe Tricot,
Mlle Alessandra Varesco,
Mme Hudson Alison,
Mlle Marie Michiels,
Mlle Leila Mekkaoui,
M. Christiaan De Raes,
Mme Brigit de True Organics,
M. Albert Khaoutiev,
Mme Simone Münchberg Simone,
Mlle Emilie Fonck,
Mme Murielle Conreur,
M. Michael Sutterman,
M. Fabien Papleux et Mme Magali Sibille
M. Daniel Sutterman et Mme Paola Van Steenkiste,
Mme Doha Zemzemi,
M. Alexis et Mme. Anais Carles,
Mme Constance de Lannoy,
Mme Marie Boulvain,
Mlle Laure Limon,
M. Khalil Aouasti,
M. Thibaut L’Ortye,
Mlle Tihana Vujatovic.

Your support means much more than finance to us. It represents true bonds of ongoing encouragement that inspire us to pursue our dreams and reach for higher goals.


Thank you.


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