‘The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today’ (J. Brown Jr.)


The ULB MUN would like to graciously thank its KissKissbankbankers, whose generosity was heartwarming!

These are the last few weeks before leaving.

This is the moment when you can begin to feel the enthusiasm, motivation, progress and tension.

These are the last few meetings, where skills are honed and assets developed.

This is the moment when aspiring negotiators become fully-fledged delegates.

You may be curious in regards to which competences are being strengthened…

Well, we have become masters at researching the position of our country, Norway. Official documents, press releases, speeches, what-have-you on an array of topics, had to be found and translated into Norway’s position papers, basically the delegate’s blueprint of proposals for the week of negotiation in New York. It is not an easy task, believe you me!

We have also cracked the code to public speaking. Delivering catchy, confident and smart speeches is one of the most dreaded moments for a MUNer. But thanks to thorough practice, we are glad to say that the ULB MUN delegation is delivering intelligent,  convincing, and well-rounded speeches about Norway’s world solutions in order to encourage gender equality, hinder poverty, stop chemical weapons proliferation, protect child welfare, promote sustainable world peace… and many, many more topics that are of our concern as citizens.

But much more is on our plate and there is more coming up in the following weeks regarding special activities and exciting events.

Stay tuned!


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