An enlightening visit to NATO’S HQ

It is often said that Friday 13s have something peculiar about them – would they be embodied by beneficial or unfortunate events.

Well, the ULB MUN Team has experienced this day in the most positive light, as on a brisk Friday December afternoon we’ve had the distinguished opportunity to visit the Brussels NATO Headquarter’s premises!

NATO Goodies

But more importantly, we were honored to be welcomed warmly as guests and guided through the corridors of the edifice that holds many of the valuable decision-making which decisively shape our world for peace purposes.

After having reached the Conference Room which hosted the ULB MUN Team and the International Model Nato (IMNATO) team, a quality briefing on the Current NATO Political Issues was provided by Eric Povel, the Information Officer for Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

In this authentic setting,  we had the chance to learn significantly from a first-hand source about the organization’s origins, structure, objectives and progress. Special attention has been given to the upcoming 14′ NATO Summit, the role of the EU within the Treaty, and last but not least, how the aggregation works hand in hand with the United Nations.


Some of the ULB MUN delegates in front of the NATO’s HQ in Brussels

Acting as a representative of NATO, Eric Povel expressed his keen support for the ULB MUN Team goals. This encouragement is gratifying and we can now count the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as one of our partners to progress in our venture in the capital of Europe and in the Big Apple.

Needless to say that, Friday 13 or not, two days are ever quite alike for the ULB MUN!


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