And so it begins …

The beautiful and majestic Palace Egmont was probably the perfect spot in the city to conclude this decisive and busy week.

Former delegates from the ULB MUN 2013 and its Faculty Advisor, Éric Fabri, were honored to be invited by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attend a conference presided by Minister Didier Reynders and co-organized by the MUN Society Belgium. What is more, the topic sparked a great interest since it tackled the role of Belgium within the United Nations and its prospectives.

As you can imagine, the assembly was filled with passionate people who believe in the future of international relations. The Association Pour les Nations Unies (APNU) as well as other Belgian MUNs were present. We thus had the great joy to recognize familiar faces and old friends from the Facultés Universitaires de Saint-Louis, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the KOT ONU from the Université Catholique de Louvain.

Being around people who share the same vision as ours was highly invigorating and left us hungry for more. For more hope for the future, for more cooperation between Belgian MUNs and for more passion for the youth and international relations through the United Nations. It gave us just the right amount of energy we needed to start this new season!


We had indeed something special to celebrate on this day. After very a difficult decision-making process, our new delegation has been formed! Wishing we could have witnessed the looks on the faces of the 19 new delegates who opened their email inbox this morning, we cannot hold our excitement for our first ULB MUN meeting next week.

What a day it will be, being able to meet the whole new delegation and officially embark on this wonderful adventure together.

Stay tuned, because you’ll probably have a glimpse of our new ULB MUN 2014 team in next to no time !


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