From the bottom of our hearts… Thank you.

In exactly one week, we will be delegates representing Norway in the NMUN New York Conference and go to the United Nations Headquarters as aspiring diplomats.


However, this exciting venture could have not materialized without our sponsors and Kisskissbankbankers.

To them, we say thank you.

Our gratitude goes to our friends, cowokers, families and sympathisers from all around the world that have granted us with generous donations through our crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns.

Thank you,

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Your support means much more than finance to us. It represents true bonds of ongoing encouragement that inspire us to pursue our dreams and reach for higher goals.


Thank you.

What is bound to happen when several MUNers gather together?


A UN simulation is about to occur!

Out of passion for MUNs, ULB MUN is extremely happy to have been able to co-organize and participate in the pioneering BruxMun.


In our endeavor to reinforce the cooperation between Belgian MUN delegations and mutually hone our skills, the VUBMUN, the HUBMUN and the ULBMUN have partaken in a Brussels MUN which has taken place on the Vrije Universiteit Brussels’ premises.


During moderated caucuses, passionate speeches have been delivered

In order to prepare what awaits us in NYC, we have represented countries with our co-delegates and practiced our public speaking skills thanks to lively debates. The topic of the day regarded nation-building in Afghanistan in the post-2014 era and we brainstormed together to propose solutions to a global issue.



The beautiful sunny spring day set the perfect mood to work hard on viable resolutions and moreover, equally important, foster lasting relationships among Brussels MUNs delegations.

We are glad to say that intellectual and cultural enrichment as well as great friendships are being harbored.

‘The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today’ (J. Brown Jr.)


The ULB MUN would like to graciously thank its KissKissbankbankers, whose generosity was heartwarming!

These are the last few weeks before leaving.

This is the moment when you can begin to feel the enthusiasm, motivation, progress and tension.

These are the last few meetings, where skills are honed and assets developed.

This is the moment when aspiring negotiators become fully-fledged delegates.

You may be curious in regards to which competences are being strengthened…

Well, we have become masters at researching the position of our country, Norway. Official documents, press releases, speeches, what-have-you on an array of topics, had to be found and translated into Norway’s position papers, basically the delegate’s blueprint of proposals for the week of negotiation in New York. It is not an easy task, believe you me!

We have also cracked the code to public speaking. Delivering catchy, confident and smart speeches is one of the most dreaded moments for a MUNer. But thanks to thorough practice, we are glad to say that the ULB MUN delegation is delivering intelligent,  convincing, and well-rounded speeches about Norway’s world solutions in order to encourage gender equality, hinder poverty, stop chemical weapons proliferation, protect child welfare, promote sustainable world peace… and many, many more topics that are of our concern as citizens.

But much more is on our plate and there is more coming up in the following weeks regarding special activities and exciting events.

Stay tuned!

ULB MUN Simulation ’13 was a great success!


Attracting more than 150 delegates from different Belgian and French universities as well as high level keynote speakers from the Association pour les Nations Unies, the ULB MUN simulation is developing year by year. We are proud to have welcomed students from all educational fields and from different universities to pursue international diplomatic negotiations simulations. Media was also present thanks to TV Brussels coverage on the event.

Watch our video of the ULB MUN Simulation!

An enlightening visit to NATO’S HQ

It is often said that Friday 13s have something peculiar about them – would they be embodied by beneficial or unfortunate events.

Well, the ULB MUN Team has experienced this day in the most positive light, as on a brisk Friday December afternoon we’ve had the distinguished opportunity to visit the Brussels NATO Headquarter’s premises!

NATO Goodies

But more importantly, we were honored to be welcomed warmly as guests and guided through the corridors of the edifice that holds many of the valuable decision-making which decisively shape our world for peace purposes.

After having reached the Conference Room which hosted the ULB MUN Team and the International Model Nato (IMNATO) team, a quality briefing on the Current NATO Political Issues was provided by Eric Povel, the Information Officer for Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

In this authentic setting,  we had the chance to learn significantly from a first-hand source about the organization’s origins, structure, objectives and progress. Special attention has been given to the upcoming 14′ NATO Summit, the role of the EU within the Treaty, and last but not least, how the aggregation works hand in hand with the United Nations.


Some of the ULB MUN delegates in front of the NATO’s HQ in Brussels

Acting as a representative of NATO, Eric Povel expressed his keen support for the ULB MUN Team goals. This encouragement is gratifying and we can now count the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as one of our partners to progress in our venture in the capital of Europe and in the Big Apple.

Needless to say that, Friday 13 or not, two days are ever quite alike for the ULB MUN!

2013 ULB Simulation

Last week was full of stress, hard work and emotions for many of us. Why? Some of you may ask, although by now most of you are regular followers, so you should immediately know what we’re referring to! Here’s a glimpse of what the 2013 ULB Simulation was like!

First of all, this year’s simulation did not start on Saturday 23rd as some may think. Organizing and coordinating an event that gathers about 150 people, when added to researching information on your assigned country, studying your rules of procedure and of course assisting to your own classes (!) can be very time-consuming.

However, we have the pleasure and the chance to work with great people. No matter the amount of work they have to put in, they will always do it smiling and willing. This is why we can confidently say that except for a few setbacks, the preparation went just as smoothly as expected.


On Saturday morning, November 23rd, we were ready. Eyes still full of sleep, the first delegates arrived around 8:15 to claim their badges and country-placards. ULB MUN was already there, and the well-oiled machine could start its engines. Whether participating in the small Security Council or the big ECOSOC committees in English, or the General Assembly organized in French, the staff and the props were all set. Curious students and delegations alike were welcomed and directed to their respective committees.

The simulation begun, the roll calls started, and the speeches commenced. Motions were made so tough but diplomatic negotiations could take place. In three rooms of the Building H, 150 students were reunited, driven by their curiosity, passion and dedication. Experienced MUNers and newbies alike slipped into the old diplomatic skin and did everything to represent their assigned countries’ interests as best as can be.


Resolution writing in the Security Council

The delegates chose their topics and set the agenda for the day. Then, speeches and informal debates followed one another until it was finally time to take a break. Except that as we’ve learned to accept, a diplomat is never on a break. Although ULB MUN provided the participants of the simulation with free sandwiches, a lunch break isn’t a break at all; it’s simply an informal debate with some food.

In the afternoon, more of the same happened. Good collaboration makes good resolutions, and such situation was simultaneously taking place in the three committees. In the image of the UN spirit, people worked closely together to produce some solid solutions to whatever issue they had agreed on to tackle the very same morning.

After the working papers were transformed in draft resolutions and the amendments were made, it was already time to move on to the votes. Thanks to the delegates’ serious work, the timetable was respected.


We are now in voting procedure, leaving or entering the room is not permitted anymore at this time…”

The tension was palpable, the same question was on everyone’s lips: “Will our draft be accepted?”. Once the decisions were made to (almost) change the world, everyone gathered in the General Assembly to listen to our honorable guest speaker, Michel Adam the President of the Association Pour les Nations Unies (APNU). Needless to say we are very thankful for the continuous support and help from the APNU throughout these past few years. We were equally happy (and proud) to spot in the crowd Barbara Delcourt and Jean-Frédérique Morin, two of our most supportive and dedicated professors. Mr. Guyader was accompanying the delegation of the Sorbonne University, who, together with St Louis, HUB and VUB, gave us the great pleasure of bringing official delegations.


Michel Adam, Président de l’APNU 

After thanking everyone for their positive attitude and dedication, and especially our former delegates for their unconditional help throughout the process, it was time for everyone to enjoy a drink offered by ULB MUN. Laughter and smiles lit up the room, people were finally able to relax and blow off some steam. Afterwards, many of us stuck together for a night out in the capital, which was the cherry on top of our sundae.

The ULB Simulation aims to wake some real interest for the newcomers, promote a positive vision of the UN, give an insight of how decisions are reached, and prepare our own delegates for the big show… Despite all our fears and sleepless nights, we can safely say that this year’s edition of the ULB Simulation was yet another success for our team!

Image ULB MUN thanks you! 

So, at the risk of repeating ourselves, thank you. Thank you for your help, support, participation, encouragement, and for following our blog. Stay tuned for the upcoming video, as well as for our second breakfast on the 4th of December and visit to the NATO Headquarters on the 13th!

A foretaste of the ULB Simulation



We are glad to say that we have found the artistic touch that our team needed!

Our photographer and video-maker, Oleg Davydov, will be on board with us on our venture! So, great photos and videos to make this experience even more memorable are on their way.

Be sure to check the video relating to our November training sessions and see how our preparations are going!

This is Oleg’s blog for more :